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hotplayers :: hotplayers

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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Článek: RuneScape shade guide to burning most shades per trip - 05/11/2013 23:34

Tone Mort'ton has become popular due the August 23, 2011 Activity Award updates. RuneScape players burn shadows still want to get a rare golden key to open a box that can contain Necro gear, cosmetic staff skull, and elite treasure trail of clues. The main players are concentrated in RuneScape Necro gear, because it offers a prayer robe bonus Dagon sea becomes Necro gear, once the necessary Necro gear kit. First, obtain dwarf army ax. Easy to obtain and use the army ax dwarf slide, right-click to open a separate window or tab view explains that the use of this handy tool. Here, just as a wieldable tinderbox. Assuming RuneScape player has entered Rothe Berg, 14 colors and 14 pyre logs can be withdrawn, cremation, and the bank's key. There are about 25 buttons, you can run each trip catacombs. Use a terrorbird, 20 different colors can be cremated. A battle turtle allow 23 and a packet of yak 29, assuming that one or more coins cremation, or a few will leave unburned due to space constraints. Axe Dwarf army before the introduction, RuneScape players have to bring a tinderbox. Increase the flow of junk armor into the game to RuneScape merchants profitable high alching projects have access to the slides in this high alching the advice given.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Článek: Buying Safe Runescape Gold From Legit RS Gold Shop - 07/11/2013 02:14

Really are you crazy about Runescape game competing but hard so that you spend hours in Runescape gold farming? Are you urgent need Runescape gold but you are working in office without time enough to farm it by youself? Are you want to wake up up character questing now but will need to finish school work first? I've know you necessitate more Runescape used watches with time and energy limited. All kinds Runescape gold, in which way to get it? So many players are unquestionably in the old situation like you, the answer in order to use find a trustable website to buy it. Buy Runescape gold rings online will feel your best consider to gain more funny in which wonderful game. Then specifically is a respectable website? How to be able to pick a good one in a giant number of companies? We will help you out and get you safe runescape gold always! First, the best legit website will want to be run as a result of a legal company, Which shall tell us the number along with its operation certification or record attending a distinct pose of the Runescape accounts on its very own web site and thus can be selected. You can identify a web-site legit or undoubtedly by termly just updated and maintenance or not. The bigger company, greater. Since small website is usually hard to pay back plenty of funds to design our own frame clsss including order system. They can image, if you order Runescape gold in this man's website, but that no record in your system, how are able to you get all your gold timely? Simply more than 90% Runescape gold park are in China, so the Runescape gold website should be comes totally from Chinese company, any is to say, a legit place should have ICP business certification when it comes to china .If u are choosing a huge chinese supplier. ICP is a permission by the local goverment for a real company to provide compensable service,advertisment,making home pages,ecommercial and in order on.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Článek: Runescape Community Round Up 08 August - 12/11/2013 01:12

News, events and fan art from the RuneScape community! Podcast Keen to get some more insight into the upcoming Divination skill, and how it relates to RuneScape from a lore perspective? You’ll definitely want to tune in to RuneRadio this evening at 9pm BST, as lore master Mod Osborne will be hosting a podcast discussing just this subject! As always, if you can’t catch the broadcast you can still listen to the episode shortly after broadcast in our Podbean archive, as well as iTunes. Events It’s time for the 7th RuneZone Skilling Competition! This month’s theme is fishing, and the event will run from 14th August and will run for two weeks, ending on the 28th. The top prize is 1 million GP, so head on over to the event thread to sign up! Have you tried out the Conquest minigame? The RuneHQ Events Team are running an event this Saturday (10th August), so head on over to their thread for all the details if you’d like to get involved. If turn-based strategy isn’t your thing, the TMHT (Tip.It Monster Hunting Team) are tackling the Saradomin God Wars Dungeon on Saturday. Check out their forum thread for the times and requirements if you’d like to join in. Read More:

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Článek: Changes in the Runescape system of bonus XP - 13/11/2013 00:10

We've made some changes to the operation of bonus XP granted by some popular items in RuneScape. Although these changes are purely technical and designed to make the more fluid and easier to develop content, they substantially alter the way these things work. Many popular items giving bonus XP will no longer need to be well equipped for you to enjoy their benefits. Starting today, these objects will be replaced by versions decorative function, and XP they relate will be stored to be assigned automatically, much like the rewards program sponsorship friend. This means that you no longer have to sacrifice a location of your worn equipment eligible for bonus XP made by such objects. You can find below a list of objects involved: All pendants skills The rouste of fortune (regular and enhanced versions) The goblin shield Holding under Chef Legs Hati Boots Sk?ll The amulet pumpkin The amulet Christmas Pudding The pendant broken hearts The pendant lovers The necklace madness The amulet Gofannon The horn of the penitent (ordinary and improved) All equipment Stealing Creation. All gems recharge the roust of fortune (which will not be replaced by versions decorative function) If you already own one of these objects, you need to click it in your inventory in order to convert it into a decorative version retrieve the XP bonus it contains. If the bonus XP can be attributed to the skill of your choice, you will then select the desired skill. The different elements outfits listed below now give everyone a permanent XP bonus by 1% when equiped. An additional 1% bonus will be added when you wear all the elements of the outfit. Holding artisan Holding botanist Holding blacksmith The holding of the first era Please note that the clan ring has been replaced by an XP bonus equivalent to the amount of XP you would have received previously. If you have a clan ring, you can click on to retrieve the remaining XP. In the future, you can simply recover your XP bonus from Quartermaster, as in the past. The Team