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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Fletching in RuneScape - 24/12/2013 23:45

Fletching in RuneScape is the skill of being able to make your own bows, arrows and other long-range weapons. Whether you want your RuneScape character to be a bow-and-arrow expert or if you want to make items to sell, fletching is a great skill to have in the game of RuneScape.   Get started in fletching by going to the Gnome Tree Stronghold. Many of the items needed for fletching can be found there, as well as places to buy and sell bows and arrows.Cut some logs in order to make arrows from them. Use a knife to turn them into shafts. Add feathers and an arrow head to your shaft and you will have made 15 arrows.   Make bows once you've reached a fletching level of five. Cut logs and then use a knife to carve them into bows. Then, spin some flax into bowstrings and attach the bowstrings to the bows.Repair arrows if you find broken ones and gain fletching skill. Use the broken arrow on a repair bench, whetstone or armor stand. You will randomly either destroy the arrow completely or repair it.Create your own crossbows by cutting logs and using a knife to create a stock. Purchase some limbs from a crossbow salesdwarf, or make them yourself out of the metal of your choice if you have smithing skill. Add the limbs to the stock and attach crossbow string.         Read More:

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: The best and most reliable all RuneScape products resource - 25/12/2013 23:42

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