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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Runescape Battleaxe introduction - 09/12/2013 23:09

If you have played RS for months, you must want to get some powerful weapons for yourself. As for me, I think Battleaxes is a great weapon to use if you are going to fight against a heavily well armored enemy. You can buy Battleaxes from the Grand Exchange for about with 15 coins for basic Bronze Battle to 130K coins for the Dragon Battleaxe. In terms of battle abilities, the battleaxe has advantages over some two-handed sword as you can use a one-hand weapon combining with a shield for added defense and gain any stat bonuses conveyed from the shield. If you are lucky, you may get Battleaxe weapon when you buy runescape gold from some online sites. .Battleaxe is one of the hardest hitters though it is considered as a slow weapon. As for strength, battleaxe is just second to two-handed swords. Furthermore, it has an acceptable crushing secondary attack and a decent slash attack. It is really good weapon, if you get one you can sell it to those sites who want players to sell runescape gold and RS items. .In terms of the drawbacks of the Battleaxe, a swift foe can strike you twice per time you hit as the target you attack have enough time to recover between two strikes. Therefore, to make every hit count is the key to wielding the battleaxe effectively. If you want to make the most of the strength, you should focus on enhancing the accuracy, which means you should have high level Attack skill. If you are search for runescape gold for sell cheap with high level Attack, just go to

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: What kinds of Old School runescape area do you like most? - 11/12/2013 00:36

Since the come back of old school in RuneScape, it has been a very hot topic. We can see it in forums, blogs and even in facebook. The dispute of this part is because of its coming back. That means old school is used to be a popular part in rs, and with the development of the whole game, it once has been forgotten by players or the company. Now again, it comes back and brings us some familiar feelings which may make us help felling in love with it again. So in this article we will talk about the RuneScape area in old school. If you have not be a fan or players yet, just go to buy runescape gold so that you can log in and understand what I’m talking about. The area is consisted by tree part. One is the cities and towns, one is the dungeons and the left part is other kinds of area. There are almost 43 cities and towns like Al Kharid, Barbarian Villiage and Brimhaven. However, for the dungeons, there are about 16 parts, for example, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Ancient Cavern and Brimhaven Dungeon. And the others parts have things like Ape Atoll, Braindeath Island, Crandor and so on. So how do you feel about this area? Whether are they very familiar or strange? At this time, how do you feel about runecape and rs gold? Let’s read some words come from other players. A player says:” everything is ok except the grand exchange”. That means he doesn’t like it. Maybe the reason is reasonable and obviously. The other guy says that the GE was the second-worst addition to the game just because it is boring and immature. Let’s read what the official answer. The runescape says that he always know many gamers saying that they love the old GE very much because it makes together the communities and the whole players. So for the person who doesn’t like GE need to pay more attention to his gold and try his best to be a good mult-it asker. From here we can learn that Old School is still a very popular and amazing part in rs. Although someone doesn’t like it or just don’t like one part of it, it still makes many players comfortable and happy. No matter like or not, just accept the truth that the old school is come back and if you just want to sell rs gold for hating about old school, you can try to visit There will be lots of opportunities for players to choose to satisfy themselves.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Duel Arena: Go Forth and Duel - 11/12/2013 00:55

For runescape players, Duel Arena which is useful for both free players and members has been given a great graphical polish. And this makes it become up to the standard of the Al Kharid rework. However, for Al Kharid rework, it is come with the stolen hearts and Diamond in the Rough quests which I have already show it to you in It is a good place for players to make miracle by one-on-one PvP combat in runescape. The whole progress is interesting and full of challenge. For new players, it sounds hard. However, for aces; they will think this can make them be powerful. So if you have any interesting, just go and do runescape gold for sale online, then fight with those who regard themselves are aces. The structural and technical tweaks have been made by the creators. So in runescape, there has a location for players to do boxing matches and summoning-enable duels. However, the visible combat arenas will increase. So just start a duel, it will give players more chance to have a location to fight with others. This sounds cool for it becomes more convenient for players to do what they want. Though the players get more choices, the difficult level to fight and win becomes higher. So just try your best to train your runescape gold. The level of rs gold is higher, the opportunities to win is higher. For those who have never ventured out to the Duel Arena, you can grasp this chance and do it as your wish. It is a good chance for players to do so. So what’s the bonus for players who try to venture out to the place? That is players can just learn how to do PvP combat while there is no lost of hard-earned gear. That means players can full enjoy this style while no need to pay for it. So how do you feel about such kind of things? It is cool isn’t it? At this time, do you still want to sell rs gold or just buy them from others? It is good news both for players and gold sellers. So if I were you, I will pay more attention on it and full enjoy it.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Runescape Random Events Guide - 12/12/2013 00:38

There are a lot of different Random Events in Runescape. The reason why Jagex set some random events in game is to prevent cheaters. There are some classic events like the Freaky Forester, the Sandwich Lady, the Genie and the Security Guard. Then I want to show you some funny random events of Runescape. In some events, you can get experience or runescape gold to enrich your Runescape gold for sale. And you can earn money if you sell runescape gold to those who want to buy cheap runescape gold. .The Genie is a simple talk which is my favorite event. You will get a magic lamp from him. The magic lamp can help you run and get exp in the skill that you choose. .The Drill Demon can give you a nice work out if you succeed, you can get some cool army clothes. If you have full outfit, you can get some cheap runescape gold. .The frogs can give you different things, if you are a male character, you will get a frog’s head and prince clothes. In verse, you will get a frog head mask and a princess outfit. Also you can use a frog coin to buy them from the Varrok clothes. Do what the Freaky Forester says and you can get some interesting clothes. .The Sandwich lady will provide you with a specific sort of food and you will be sent very far away if you ignore her or pick the wrong one. .The Security Guard is another funny event. If you ignore him, you will have to battle with him. If you answer to him, you can get a strong hold book from him, or maybe some sort of gift. If you are naughty as me, you can kill him to make him disappear from the screen. .If you encounter the Swarm of Bees, you can stand there taking their easy hits of 1 and 2 or walk away. .If you meet a strange plant and pick its strange fruit, you are lucky as you can get 30% energy and even remove the poison from your body. If you don’t pick the fruit, you will get attack and poison from it so that you will suffer two damage from each strike. .Of course, there are many other funny events like the Whirpool on fishing will make your equipment sucked underwater, and rock shoots out bubbles and make your pickaxe break if you keep mining it. Hope you guys fun with these funny Random events in Runescape.