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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Great success for RuneScape gold seller - 26/11/2013 22:22

In the online role-playing game RuneScape, the developers were able to record great success in terms of the problem around the gold sellers in the game. For this, the new RuneScape bonds were introduced into the game.   To defend themselves against gold sellers or to give the players themselves a chance to get to the coveted game currency, without recourse to external , unauthorized by the owner of the game provider, there is now an exciting new feature in RuneScape.   Have been introduced for this purpose the so-called RuneScape bonds. These are virtual objects that are used to acquire, for example, subscription time. The items are tradable and say that the external goldsellers the fight.   And the new system works! The players of RuneScape RuneScape bonds can buy for 4.25 euros now . This makes it possible as I said before game time purchase, but also get access to the RuneFest for example, or Goblinroulette. RuneScape Gold sellers , a decrease of activity by 81 percent was recorded after this launch !   Everything about the game you learn to  

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: RuneScape story missions of the success of 3D page tour - 27/11/2013 22:47

 Collectors items in RuneScape game known as power gamers, these players only focus on the accumulation of wealth and experience. Ogilvie recognize the power gamer will often complete the task as soon as possible and rush Skip plots and dialogue, but he said, "We must ensure that players occasionally stopped to relax. Power gamers and even it is not easy to pick up the story missions. "We make sure to complete the task reward is attractive for all players." Ogilvie said, "For the ability gamer, we have to ensure a advantageous acquaintance for these tasks than their accustomed gameplay experience, and through these tasks can accessible addition can access boilerplate alternate acquaintance added incentives "Once they are planning the RS gold adventure missions," we achievement some auspicious and absorbing artifice architecture for ability gamers, Ogilvie said, they aswell academic alloyed into the task, animate players to absorb time to accept The accomplishments of the adventure missions, dialogue, the role and the adventure abaft the knowledge. "   We are acutely aware of the players and do not want to take the time to be rewarded through the form of text," Osborne said, "We encourage simplified and readable dialogue, especially our turn to do the acoustic version. The words he put forward by the editors responsible for control by a specialized team tested dialogue.The architecture aggregation is aswell committed to the immersive ambiance for players and voice. Ogilvie says, can advance a player's accord through the accomplishing of this strategy, we are consistently watching amateur acknowledgment on the website forum, the players say if they accomplish the task, the assignment accolade is their primary concern, and after even begin the adventure The roles has admiring two absolute assignment the MMO gameplay signs: to annihilate a assertive amount of aberrant or alteration something from A to B at. Such absolute the ambit of the action itself, there is the accident of boundless repetition, but Osborne said he believes RuneScape absolutely abstain this problem.   We are very lucky," he said, "We have to do ten years ago, a decision to prevent this 'strange to kill X get Y reward' task, our goal is to plot and rich experience takes several hours to complete tasks we require each task must be interested in the characteristics of our design team can cause our latest mission, to subvert the traditional mode and tasks the player character as publisher, rather than a task participant in this sense we prefer the traditional pen-and-paper role-playing adventure game, of course, such games is with me, and the founding fathers of the .ground. "Ogilvie said.    

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Introduction of Location of runescape - 03/12/2013 00:36

If you would like to join in runescape, it is necessary that is aware of all the information about the locations. It has three types of buildings in the game. There is city, dungeon, POI. For the first category, there are twelve different cities such as Lumbridge which located on the west bank of the River Lum. In this city, you can see huge walls which are the landmark of city. It is the first place for players start their journey where you can learn new skills and control the character. Lumbridge has its own features, which is a rural place where you can plant some plants and improve your famer skill. And Falador, where be controlled by the king Vallance and there are some knights. Therefore, many missions in this city are related to the king, castle and knights. Varrock is another city, which is the one of the oldest cities in Gielinor. It is available that attach to all major trading routes and make full use of all sources. In the second kind of locations, you will find out it is more dark and mysterious than the first one, because it is under the ground. You can find dungeons, for instance, Lumbridge catacombs, which is has some catacombs and a series of room. When you accomplish the Blood pact quest you will gain access to here. In Goblins, you can find out it occupies a large area and if only you accomplish the Lost Tribe quest, you allow to enter in. The last part is POI, which is more serious and dark than dungeon. If you are the bravest adventurer, you could go to there and begin a new and adventurous journey. H.A.M hideout is another place, where is located on the outside of the Lumbridge. In there, you can practice your thieving skill. The different design fulfills the runescape and makes more fun on the game. If you want to have your own account in rs, you could enter in our website and buy runescape account. In rs, you also need gold to buy high rank equipments and practice your skills. On our website, you can buy gold rs which are cheaper than other place.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Order of ascension in RuneScape - 05/12/2013 00:07

God emissaries are hot topic, just as I said in my articles, god emissaries are coming into the runescape and gielinor needs RuneScape players. Maybe this week or even this month will be around with this topic. As we all learn that god emissaries mean eight different factions who have their own faith, belief and persistence. Today, I will discuses the order of ascension. The location of this faction is in the feldip hills and they always like to create terror and other bad things. The original of this group is because they are missed when they follow with Guthix. Some bad things like kidnappings are all coming from this group. Their terrors have been made badly effect to the world and such destroy must be stopped. So in this moment, it is the time for heroes to being real heroes that is saving the kind people and rescue the peaceful world. Everything is coming from the Guthix and the leader must try his best to stop them. So Ocellus has been devoted into recruiting skilled and powerful slayers to fight with the order of ascension. Those slayers who have been selected will send into the monastery of ascension where shield those criminals. Although, the slayers are skilled, but one thing need to pay attention is that the consisting of the order of ascension is rather powerful. They have magic and their respond is flexible and swift. So to kill them, the leaders need 81 slayers and send them into the monastery. But things never stop. You can use the gear to fight with them and the progress of fighting need your intelligence, skills and strategies. However, for the order of ascension parts, their skills are powerful because they have been practice for thousands of years. And their tactics are also wonderful. That means, they are smart as well as skillful. The enemies are consisting of five different parts and each part of them has different style and function. Next time, I will settle the information about all of them. There are something players have to pay attention to that are the dangerous of challenge those monsters are the legiones. They are the leader of order of ascension and they have power, skills and magic. If players haven’t plan well then just be careful or your slayers will die in the game. This is the point of attractive which is always full of adventure and uncertainty.